A Brief Guide to Behavioral Legal Ethics

new_logo_3I’ve just posted  “A Brief Guide to Behavioral Legal Ethics” at Ethics Unwrapped for anyone who might want an overview of the field. The post is here.

As I’ve discussed before, Ethics Unwrapped is a leader in providing online training videos about behavioral ethics (there are now 36 of them!).  I use these videos and associated teaching notes regularly in my class and highly recommend them to anyone who is teaching in this area.

[Update: For those who follow Twitter, here is a fun visual from Ethics Unwrapped about my post]:

[Update #2: 07/22/14:  My post at Ethics Unwrapped discusses the  history of applying behavioral science to questions of legal ethics, citing a 1993 seminal article by Professor Donald Langevoort as one of the earliest articles in this area.  I should have added, and do now, that perhaps the earliest work in this area is by Professor Deborah Rhode, whose 1985 article, “Moral Character as a Professional Credential,” 94 Yale L. J. 491 1984-1985, relies on behavioral research to critique and raise questions about the bar’s moral character requirement (see pp. 555 – 562)].


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