Behavioral Ethics and Criminal Defense Lawyers

6ACTwo cross-postings for anyone interested in the intersection of behavioral ethics and the work of criminal defense lawyers:


(1) On the Sixth Amendment Center’s website, Executive Director David Carroll posted this question and answer session regarding my article, Prescriptions for Ethical Blindness: Improving Advocacy for Indigent Defendants in Criminal Cases.  The post also can be found at the National Association for Public Defense site.

(2) On The Continuing Duty, a site I host with my colleague David Siegel, I posted “The Strategic Use of ‘Bounded Ethicality’ in [Post Conviction Review] Proceedings.”  In it, I discuss two state judicial opinions that address research on behavioral ethics and my article, The Psychology of Conflicts of Interest in Criminal Cases, as part of the larger discussion of whether criminal defense lawyers can be objective in evaluating their own conflicts of interest.


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