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ABA Conference on Professional Responsibility


For those attending the ABA’s National Conference on Professional Responsibility in Denver later this week, please join us for a panel discussion on Behavioral Legal Ethics (program here).  I am participating, along with Molly Wilson, Robert Prentice and Catherine O’GradyAndy Perlman, who was recently announced as the next Dean of Suffolk Law School, will moderate.  I will report back on the event next week.

Update:  06/4/15:  The ABA conference was excellent. Our BLE presentation followed a wonderful discussion, led by Stephen Pepper and John Barrett, and moderated by Lisa Lerman, about lawyer decision-making in Nazi Germany, which has been described as “the worst legal ethics disaster in the Western world.” Our panel on behavioral ethics focused on a more modern case of legal ethics, the Dewey & LeBoeuf debacle, which again is in the news because of the current trial of the firm’s leadership.  I understand that the materials from our presentation will soon be posted by the ABA, which I will link to here when available.  Thanks to all who helped make the panel discussion so enjoyable.

Update:  06/9/15:  The ABA has now posted the materials from the session here.

Update:  09/5/15:  The ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct, 31 Law. Man. Prof. Conduct 320, 06/03/2015, has a nice write-up of the program.  Alas, it is behind a pay wall, but is often available through law school libraries for those with access.