Tigran W. Eldred

I am a professor at New England Law | Boston, where I teach professional responsibility, criminal law, evidence, criminal defense ethics and judgment and decision-making. As a former public defender, most of my work explores the intersection of behavioral science and criminal law. More recently, my focus has been on how the professional responsibility curriculum should be informed by behavioral insights from psychology, behavioral economics and related disciplines.

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James G. Milles

I am Professor of Law at SUNY Buffalo Law School, where I teach Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Information Privacy, and Computer Crime. I have also taught E-Discovery and seminars in Advanced Legal Ethics and Cyberspace Law. Before turning to teaching I was Director of the Law Library, and before that I was a law librarian at Case Western Reserve University Law School and Saint Louis University Law School. My current research is focused on conflicts of interest, informed consent and cognitive biases.

Molly J. Walker Wilson

I am a professor of law, with a joint appointment in the Psychology Department at Saint Louis University. I have written extensively on the influences of cognitive biases and social-psychological factors on decision-making in legal contexts. I am particularly interested in the ways in which our legal institutions encourage or discourage ethical behavior.